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May 2019 Tales from Camp Greenwood

Countdown to Camp Contests

We’re only 45 days away from the start of summer camp season at Camp Greenwood and we can’t wait to see you there! To celebrate, we’re having a COUNTDOWN TO CAMP CONTEST. Want to win $100 off your camp registration? All you have to…

Tales of Camp Greenwood March 2019

Hello Friends and Family of Camp Greenwood, It’s been awhile since the last Tales from Camp Greenwood, and I am excited to get back into the swing of writing them.   Many great things have been happening in 2019: staff are being hired, campers are…

2019 Camp Greenwood Work Days

3 days left to receive $20 off

Tales from Camp Greenwood Oct 2018

Tales from Camp Greenwood Sept 2018

Call to Action

Tales from Camp Greenwood July/Aug

Hello Friends and Family of Camp Greenwood, Another summer has come and gone and what an amazing summer it has been.  We have been able to build relationships with 116 campers and we provided partial/full scholarships for 44 campers.  We have grown in many…