2020 Covid-19 Refund Policy

Non- Virtual Refund policy due to Covid-19 pandemic:

Option 1: You may donate some or all of your registration fee and receive a letter for tax deductions

We ask that you take time to consider a donation to Camp Greenwood. Every bit makes a difference, whether it is $5, $50, $500, or the entire amount of your program fees. Our staff team has invested a lot of time and energy in making Summer 2020 happen and that time cannot be undone. Further, we have many expenses at our camp facility whether camp runs or not. We will find a way to stay strong until Summer 2021 no matter what, but your support now will ensure that we can continue investing in our community for the future.
Due to the new regulations of the CARES act, your donation may be subject to a 100% “above the line” tax deduction for your 2020 income tax. You will be provided with a donation receipt if you choose this route or make any donation to Camp Greenwood. (Please consult your tax advisor for more details on this.)

Option 2: You may request a full refund including deposit

We fully understand if you wish to have a full refund, and we hope to see back in Summer 2021!

Option 3: You may transfer funds to “Let Camp Come to You”, please reach out to us to complete the transfer and whatever left you can either donate or receive the rest in a refund check.

More information coming soon.

Please email jake@campgreenwood.org or Call 616.754.7258 for your Refund possibilities.