Summer Camp Registration 2018

Here are the descriptions of our 2018 camps and the links to our online registration system, Ultra Camp!
We look forward to seeing you soon!  Call to inquire if an extended pick up time is needed.  616.754.7258.

MUSIC IN THE WOODS.  Imagine sweet notes and great voices lilting through the pine trees.
Musicians, this is the camp for you! Expand your talents while enjoying camp activities and making new music loving friends. Create your own unique performance at 3 pm Friday for your parents. All instruments, voices and skill levels are welcome to joyfully create Music in the Woods together!
Suggested ages 7 -15. June 17th 4 pm –  22th 4 pm. $385.  Register now for Music in the Woods!

GATOR CAMP. Are you new to Greenwood? This camp is for you! It’s a good old fashioned week of camp games, campfires and making friends! Learn the traditions of Camp Greenwood, get to know who Tom the Goat, Leon and the Phantom are! We are going on a Gator Hunt!
Designed for ages 7 – 11. June 17th 4 pm – 22th 4 pm. $385.  Register now for Gator Camp!

RADICAL LEADERSHIP. (CIT) is designed to give youth leadership skills for the future by providing new challenges and responsibilities. Learn how to work with children and acquire team building
techniques. Conquer the Team Challenge and Low Ropes Courses and embark on a wilderness trip
hiking and paddling. Cover skills such as packing, map reading, cooking, tent setup and more.
Ages 16 –17. June 17th 4 pm – 22th 4 pm. $425. Register now for Radical Leadership!

SURVIVOR CAMP. Want to really develop your survival skills? Pack a canoe with all your supplies to live on North Point for the week. Cook all your meals over a fire, find edible plants and complete a “solo” experience spending a night in a shelter built and designed by you! Ages 12-17. June 24th 4 pm- 29th 4 pm. $385. Register now for Survivor Camp!

PATHFINDERS. Besides enjoying traditional camp activities, campers will (weather permitting) spend a night out “under the stars” in the field; learning some of the constellations and legends that go along with the stars!  Ages 7 – 11.  June 24th 4 pm  – 29th 4 pm. $385. Register now for Pathfinders Camp!

MINI CAMP. Unsure about sleep away camp? Come and experience mini camp for just 3 days and 2 nights and get your “feet wet” at Greenwood.  This camp starts Sunday at 4pm and ends Tuesday at 4pm. Designed for our newest and youngest campers aged 6  – 8.  July 1st 4 pm – 3rd 4 pm. $200. Register now for Mini Camp!

FAMILY CAMP. Fun, hilarious, relaxing, creative, silly, contemplative and fun! Family Camp can be as high-energy or as relaxing as you want. You choose activities every morning, either separately or as a family unit! Evenings are filled with
campfires, gourmet s’mores, and other fun group activities. Enjoy fellowship and community during adult time each night. Unwind and appreciate the joys of Christian community and God’s magnificent creation all around you! All ages welcome. Thursday 1 pm through Saturday 11 am. July 5th 1 pm-7th 11 am.  Adults $260/ Under 18 $210 / Under 2: FREE
Register now for Family Camp!

TRAILBLAZERS. Spend one night of the week at North Point after learning how to lay out a trail and
follow it around the camp. Bring a mess kit and silverware to learn how to use it over an open fire!
Designed for ages 12 – 15.  July 8th 4 pm  – 13th 4 pm. $385. Register now for Trailblazers Camp!

ADVENTURE CAMP. Are you adventurous? If so, this could be the camp for you! Each day will focus on a different adventure sport such as; horseback riding, tubing down a river, rock climbing, kayaking or sleeping out under the stars. This will be a week packed full of exciting adventure. Bring your ground cloth and hiking boots. Designed for active
campers aged 12-17. July 8th 4 pm – 13th 4 pm. $425. Register now for Adventure Camp!

WACKY WATER WEEK. Attention water lovers: This camp is designed for you! Spend the week in the water. Enjoy lunch on the lake, floating campfires, wacky water games, boats and swimming like a fish!  If possible, bring two swimsuits. Suggested ages 7 – 11. July 15th 4 pm – 20th 4 pm. $385. Register now for Wacky Water Week!

SCIENCE SNOOPS. Do you enjoy science? Then you should love it outdoors! Find turtles and learn about their annual trek to Camp Greenwood, learn how to make goo or learn what lives in one square foot of the earth! Explore the bogs and learn about the ecosystems at Camp Greenwood. Suggested ages 7 – 11.  July 15th 4 pm –  20th 4 pm. $385.
Register now for Science Snoops!

Middle School EXPLORERS CAMP. Explore 8 days and 7 nights of the best of everything
Greenwood has to offer!  Enjoy the traditional camp activities, including crafts and games, water, boats and exploring the science of the bogs. Go on an expedition to North Point for one night to cook your own meal on the fire. Begins and ends on Sundays. Suggested ages: 11-13.  July 22nd 4 pm  – 29th 12 pm. $450. Register now for MS Explorers Camp!

High School SEEKERS CAMP. Enjoy 8 days and 7 nights of seeking out the best in yourself and others!  Learn to work as a team with traditional camp games, boats, water activities, crafts, exploring the bogs and survival activities. Travel to North Point for a night and stay up late watching the fires glow and the stars shine. Seek out & design the best camp experience for your group at Camp Greenwood. Starts and ends on Sundays.
Suggested ages 14-17.  July 22nd 4 pm – 29th 12 pm. $450.  Register now for HS Seekers Camp!