Camp Registration Thank You!

Thanks for Registering for Camp Greenwood Summer of 2016!!
You are now registered!!
Hurrah!  (Can you hear the cheers?)

What do you do now?

1) Start counting down the days until you get to come to Camp Greenwood!

2) Call all your friends and make sure that they are going to go to Camp Greenwood with you!

3) Start packing! (What are you waiting for?  Christmas?)

What to Pack:
Clothing should be modest and not tight or revealing. Campers wearing tight or revealing clothing will be asked to change.  If they do not have a suitable change of clothing, his or her parents will be called to bring different clothes.  If your child is packing for himself or herself, please make him or her aware of this policy.

In addition, the following items are recommended:

  • Pajamas, underwear and extra socks
  • Long pants as well as shorts, shirts and sweatshirts. ( Pack clothes you can get messy in.)
  • Warm jacket, hat and raincoat
  • Swimsuit, beach towel, flip-flops & sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Two pairs of shoes. (Closed toe is best for playing in the woods.)
  • Towel, washcloth, toiletries & comb or brush
  • Sleeping bag, or bedding for standard twin size bed, & a pillow
  • Flashlight (check those batteries)
  • Water bottle
  • Small backpack
  • Laundry bag. (A garbage bag works great for this.)
  • Bible, notebook & pens or pencils.
  • Any special equipment your particular camp needs, like a portable camp bowl, cup, silverware set for Survivor Camp.
  • And most importantly a heart full of love for God, nature and others!Hugs at the Dining Hall

4) Paperwork.  You can fill out your 4 Camp Forms in one of two ways. Either print them out from this webpage, fill them out and mail them to us. (Very slow, sorry.)
or fill them out online. (Much faster and highly recommended. Thank you.)

( If you would like to save a little printing time you can print out all four camp forms from here2016 lined health forms)


(Please Note: Children staying with a parent or guardian do not need to fill out a medical form. Yippee!)
Printable 2016 Camp Medical Form.A –or–
Online Medical Form (Recommended.)

   Printable 2016 Camper Profile Form  or
Online Camper Info Form (Recommended.)

Printable 2016 Camp Release Form
Online Camper Authorization for Release Form (Recommended)

Printable 2016 Camp Roommate Form or
Online Camper Request Form (Recommended. Really. )

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the camp office at
We want you to have a super Camp Greenwood experience!


Survivor 13