Wish List

Donate OnlineHello everyone!  Thanks for all of your help and work in making Camp Greenwood a wonderful place to play and to grow!

Wanna help?  We have work projects too!


Camp Greenwood is a wonderful place to play and to grow thanks to so much that has been given by so many for the last 60 years! Now, Camp Greenwood needs more loving. These especially are needed this fall until November and in the Spring during April and May to prepare for another year of camping.


CASH: Financial donations for scholarships to make camp more affordable for 2018 campers is a top priority. Of course, these are tax deductible. Please help if you can. Consider planning your own scholarship fund raising project. Consider your year-end tax deductible donation. Donate a gift in someone else’s name.

SMALL ITEMS (They are not much, but can really add up, especially as we increase the number of campers each year.) Toilet paper; light bulbs; hand soap (to refill dispensers); paper dinner napkins; paper towels; wood chips

LARGER ITEMS – (Loan or donate) Golf Cart, electric or gas ; power washer; ice maker; AED/Automatic Emergency Defibrillator; commercial floor buffer; paint sprayer.

WORK PROJECTS for volunteer groups/teams or individuals. Please contact the camp to schedule. Come and work for part of the day and play for the remainder. Stay overnight, if desired. The fishing is great!

Kitchen & Dining Hall – clean ovens and floors; paint kitchen screen door white; wash windows; finish painting dining hall outside on the lake side.

Cabins – Vacuum, scrub and wax floors. Scrub bathrooms and touch up painting. Wash windows and replace curtains, if needed.

Porches & Decks – Power wash and stain/seal porch on Retreat Center, Embuto, and Cabins 8/9.

Doors & Door Frames – Cabins and pavilion doors have peeling paint to be scraped and all need to be painted. Paint scrapers and paint to be provided by camp.

Branches and Tree Limbs – Much fallen wood to be picked up. Camp will cut up fallen logs with power saws. Volunteers may want to take home some wood.

Donate OnlineRoof Clearing – Restrooms and North Point Storm Shelter roofs should be cleared of sticks, branches and moss.