Scholarships and Discounts

Many children dream of going to camp, and many families want to send them to camp, but wonder how they can afford it in these tight times.  Camp Greenwood understand that today’s world can be very uncertain and the cost of camp can be a real burden on many families.  It is our intention to never have to turn a camper away because of financial distress.

There are many options available to help make camp more affordable for your family.  First, you have to ask yourself, “Is Camp worth it?”.  There are lots of ways to invest your money; many people measure an investment by the return on the investment or profit received.  Here at Greenwood, we measure the profit by looking at the change God makes in a person’s life through the day to day activities at camp.  As you carefully decide whether camp is going to be a part of your families summers, please consider the impact a week of camp has on your child’s life.  We believe it could change their life and in turn change the world!


When the full cost of camp seems to much for a family to afford, a resource available is the camp scholarship program.  Throughout the year Greenwood raises money to provide a camp experience for those who need one.  In order to qualify, you will need to register your camper for camp, then fill out the scholarship application below, then send it to the camp via email or snail mail.  Scholarships are limited and every application is considered. Decisions are based on need.

Camper Scholarship Application 2024

Early Registration Discount

To ensure you get your first choice of camp you’ll want to register as early as possible.  We have three early bird discounts this year:

Register on January 1 for a 25% discount.
Register from January 2-31 for a 10% discount.
Register in February for a 5% discount.

If you have any questions regarding other available discounts please contact