Parent Information

Thank you for registering for camp.

Please read over this information carefully.  There are some forms to complete and return before your camper arrives.  Prompt arrival will make the process smooth and enjoyable for everyone.  We look forward to greeting you at Camp Greenwood this summer.

How to pack

Please mark all luggage with you camper’s name.  Also label all belongings with your child’s first and last name.  These simple measures will help prevent items from getting lost or misplaced.

What to pack

Campers do not need dress clothes, but should have a wide range of casual attire (jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) for warm days and cool nights.  Please note that new clothing is not usually the best camp attire.

Clothing should be modest and not tight or revealing. Campers wearing tight or revealing clothing will be asked to change.  If they do not have a suitable change of clothing, his or her parents will be called to bring different clothes.  If your child is packing for himself or herself, please make him or her aware of this policy.

In addition, the following items are recommended:

  • Pajamas, underwear and extra socks
  • Warm jacket, hat and raincoat
  • Swimsuit, beach towel, flip-flops & sunscreen
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Towel, washcloth, toiletries & comb or brush
  • Sleeping bag, or bedding for standard twin size bed, & a pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Small backpack
  • Laundry bag
  • Bible, notebook & pens
  • Bug Spray
  • Camp Greenwood Beads

What not to pack

Please do not pack any of the following items:

  • Food or candy (any food or candy will be taken and held until the end of the week)
  • Valuables
  • Drugs, including over-the-counter medications (Prescription medications should be given to the office staff during registration)
  • Spending money (Any money should be turned in to the Trading Post during registration if not sent in advance.)
  • Radios, CD players, gaming devices, ipads, MP3 players, cell phones or pagers.  If a camper brings any of these, we will store them in a safe place until his or her departure.

Before Camp

During registration, you should have filled out the forms below.  Please make sure to login to ultra-camp to ensure that these forms are completed.

  • Health History Form

A Health History form must be completed for each camp and returned to the camp office two weeks prior to the opening day of camp. Campers cannot be admitted to camp without a completed health form.

  • Release Form

By order of the Child Protection Laws of the State of Michigan, we can only release campers to persons authorized by the camper’s parent or legal guardian.

  1. Please fill out and submit Authorization for Release Form no later than two weeks prior to the opening day of camp.  Campers cannot be admitted to camp without a completed form.
  2. List all persons to whom you are authorizing the camp to release your child.  We cannot release your child to persons not listed on the form – including members of your immediate family.
  3. Campers being transported by a church vehicle must list the driver by name or as “authorized church bus driver.”
  4. Resubmit this form only when there is a CHANGE in Authorized persons.
  • Roommate Request Form
  1. Please return the Roommate Request Form listing no more than two persons you are requesting to be your roommates.  Please do not make roommate requests on any other form than this one.
  2. The two persons you request MUST request you.  Please check with your friends to make sure they’ve requested you.
  3. This form must be received at the camp office no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp.  If more than three campers request to be together, they may be separated on the basis of their first choice.

It is our expectation that Camp Greenwood counselors and staff members will:

  • Proclaim God’s good news at Camp Greenwood and live according to the example of Jesus Christ.
  • Surround our campers with a community of love and forgiveness so that they may grow in their trust of God and be found faithful in their service to others.
  • Pray for our campers that they may be true disciples of Jesus Christ and discover the way that leads to a life of oneness with Christ.
  • Play with our campers that they may experience the joy of being God’s children and come to know that being part of the family of God is fun.
  • Be conduits between campers and the Holy Spirit, that our campers’ senses might be opened to experiencing the movement of God in their lives.
  • Open their hearts and arms to our campers and invite them to open their hearts and arms to God and to one another.
  • Endeavor, with all the gifts, talents and skills God has given them, to help our campers to grow in grace, faith, wisdom, peace and love.
  • Yearly we will review Foundational Practices of the American Camping Association.

First Day of Camp


Campers can begin the check-in process in the parking lot between 4 & 5 pm.  If the weather is nice, check-in takes place outside at tables near the parking lot.  If it is raining, check-in will be moved to the Trading Post.  To expedite registration, any camper who has submitted all forms, paid their balance in full and sent in their camper’s money for the Trading Post will only need to check-in to find out their camper’s cabin and counselor name and then proceed to their cabin.  The only exception to this is if any medications need to be turned over to the medical staff.  Campers with incomplete forms or payment balance due will need to go through a longer registration process.

Medications & Inhalers

Please do not pack any medications or inhalers in your child’s luggage.  If your child requires prescription medications while at camp, please bring an adequate supply of the medication in the original, clearly labeled prescription container with you to registration.  State law prohibits us from accepting medications in any other pill case or container.  Medications are secured in our health office and distributed according to instructions by a camp health officer.  There is no need to send any over-the-counter remedies.  We keep these items in our health office.

Lost & Found

Please label all belongs with a first and last name!  Camp Greenwood is not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen.  At check-out, be sure to check our lost and found table to claim items your child may have misplaced.  Any items not claimed after two weeks will be donated to charitable organizations.

During Camp

Spending Money

Snack items are available at the Trading Post as well as shirts, hats, and many souvenir times.  Shirt and hat prices begin at $10-$15.00

Communicating with Your Camper

Mail is a highlight of a camper’s week and is distributed daily.  As you write, focus on your child’s camp experiences instead of what is happening at home in order to help avoid creating homesickness.  If you would like to bring mail on opening day, we will distribute it on the day or days you designate.  Or, if you prefer to send mail, please include the camper’s name before the Camp Greenwood address.  In the bottom left corner of the envelope indicate the week of camp the mail is intended for.  Please DO NOT send food in the mail since campers cannot have food in their cabins.

Emergency calls will be received at the camp office at 616-754-7258

To comply with child protection laws we have a policy that no phone calls are to be made by campers.  Campers may not call home or receive phone calls, so please encourage your child to send postcards instead.  In most cases, letters from home are appreciated by your child more than a phone call.

We will contact you using the information provided at registration if any issues with behavior or homesickness arise with your child that our trained and compassionate staff are not able to resolve.

Last Day of Camp

Camper check-Out

Camper pick-up is at 4:00 pm.  Early check-out is discouraged and should only be considered when necessary.  Arrangements for early departure should be discussed with a registrar at opening day check-in.  If arrangements for early departure need to be made while your child is a camp. Please contact the office.

Please be sure to check for anything your camper created during the week at arts & crafts. Often these amazing creations are left behind!

Please note that only those individuals listed on the Authorization for Release From will be permitted to pick up your child.  A photo ID is always required to pick up your camper. This is an important part of how we protect the safety of the children in our care, please do not ask us to make exceptions.

Medications & Inhalers

If you brought prescription medication or inhalers for your child, please check with the health officer to pick those up before you check-out.

Camp Information

If you have any questions, please call the camp office at 616-754-7258 or email to

The camp address is:

Camp Greenwood
13564 MacClain Street
Gowen, MI  49326

Driving Directions

Camp Greenwood is located in Northeast Kent County, 2 miles North of the intersection of M57 and Lincoln Lake Road and one mile East on MacClain Street.