Work Projects

Wanna Help Out?  Here are some of the projects that Camp Greenwood needs to look its best!

Kitchen & dining hall: 

-The ovens need to be thoroughly cleaned

-The floors thoroughly cleaned

-The kitchen screen door painted white

-The dining hall windows washed

-Finish painting the dining hall outside/lakeside.



-Thorough cleaning: including floors vacuumed, scrubbed, and waxed. The bathrooms need a good cleaning, including behind the hot water tanks and stools.

-Touch up painting is needed in some cabins

-Windows need to be washed

-Curtains cleaned or replaced.

NOTE: the only cabin that doesn’t really need any cleaning is the log cabin/health lodge


Porches & Decks:

-All deck areas should be stained/sealed again.

-The porch at the Retreat Center hasn’t been done, but needs it to maintain it in good shape.

-The porch at 8/9 needs to be cleaned and stained/sealed



Doors and door frames:

-The doors and door frames of the cabins. The doors that need work should be scrapped and painted.

-The door on the pavilion needs scraping and painting.


Grounds pick-up:

-Picking up tree limbs and branches. If these are picked up, then the leaves that fall are much easier to be picked up with the bagging mower.

(There will be a big evening campfire made from the branches that are picked up, complete with free som’mores as a reward for picking up the wood.)


Roof clean up:

-The restroom roofs and storm shelter building roof at North Point have sticks, branches and moss on them that should be removed. The chance of snow and ice buildup damage will be less.