Tales from Camp Greenwood July/Aug

Hello Friends and Family of Camp Greenwood,

Another summer has come and gone and what an amazing summer it has been.  We have been able to build relationships with 116 campers and we provided partial/full scholarships for 44 campers.  We have grown in many ways, have learned exciting new things (some from the amazing campers), and been able to make long lasting relationships.

Mid-summer a parent whom I have known for a few years (I had their children as campers when I was a counselor)  came up and asked me a question: “Why do you do this? Seems to me that it would be a lot of stress” I paused and thought about it for a second.  I couldn’t come up with a quick response which encompassed the vast answer which is truly why I do this. So the answer I gave was “It’s for the kids”.

Now that I have had time to think it over, that is, truly,  what the answer is, but there is a little more to it. It’s for the kids who have never had a relationship with God. It is for the 11 year-old that said their week at camp was spiritually transforming.  We do this for the children who struggle to remember how loved they are by God and God’s people. We do it for the kids who have grown up in church but don’t know Jesus personally. It is for the kids, from all walks of life who come to spend a week getting to know Jesus and getting to know new adults and kids who love Him.  It is for the child who came up to me as she was leaving with tears in her eyes to say “Thank you for making me stay (she was homesick and wanted to go the first night). I will be going home and finding a church, I will be coming back next year, and I will have a relationship with Jesus.”

That is why we do it. That is why during those crazy summer months we stay up and just watch the stars and get very little sleep.   That is why we build boats out of cardboard – a material that we all know isn’t going to work to well once it gets wet. That is why we let these children cover us with water, sand, ashes, muck, and shaving cream.  Because we get to watch and help them create long lasting relationships with each other and with God.

None of these amazing things can happen without the consistent support of our many donors.  The contributions, volunteers, and prayers are the lifeblood that keep Camp Greenwood moving forward.

Speaking about moving forward,  we have a few exciting events coming up and we would love you to attend.


Unplugged: Earth and Arts

Need a little bit of relaxation, join us for an adults Only weekend trying new activities and projects.   Learn new skills and create new passions. Put away the phone and pick up a new hobby from basic cookie decorating to repurposing with a flair, our guest instructors are ready to bring out your inner creative side and have you reconnect with it.

Unplugged: Earth and Arts is an adult only retreat filled with exploring your creativity in many ways.  Come spend the weekend Friday evening (5:30 pm) Sept 21st to Sunday brunch (10:00 am) Sept 23rd, learning innovative skills and enjoy the beauty that is all around you at Camp Greenwood.

Enjoy the natural environment with evening devotions and a Sunday morning worship service,  Come commune with nature, renew yourself, and invite your friends.

Registration can be found on www.campgreenwood.org just click on the banner that says “Registration for Unplugged: Earth and Arts”

Greenwood Ministries Annual Meeting \ Camp Greenwood Clean-up Day

On Oct 27th at 9 am we will be having our annual fall clean-up day and Greenwood Ministries Annual Meeting.  If you are looking for a way to volunteer this is your chance, we will be doing many projects around camp,  with the weather soon to be changing, leaves will begin to fall, and we will need some able bodies to help us take care of all of them.  If you like to get wet we will also need help taking down our waterfront for the winter.

After a long days work stay for our Annual meeting around 2pm and learn about all the amazing things we are doing here at Camp Greenwood, and a recap of what has been going on and where we are headed.  Vote in new board members or volunteer for a committee. Come be a part of Greenwood Ministries Association.

Again,  I cannot thank the amazing Camp Greenwood family enough for giving me to chance to be part of this amazing ministry.  It is because of the prayers, contributions, and volunteer hours that we are able to continue moving forward. Camp Greenwood has been a part of many peoples lives for many years, and I am honored to be able to continue something that has become a passion for me.  

With your continued support, prayers, and labor we will be able to continue building amazing relationships, learning exciting new things, and spread God’s love to everyone who enters the gates here.  For that again I thank you. I look forward to continue building these relationships with you and I hope we can continue spreading the love of God through Camp Greenwood Spirit.

As Always,  Camp Greenwood Forever!


Jake Dayringer

Camp Greenwood Director



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