Work Day Opportunities/May 16th work Day Canceled

Hello Friends and Family of Camp Greenwood,

Due to Covid-19 and the current Stay-at-home order in place in Michigan, our May 16th workday will be canceled.  

But, that doesn’t mean we are not open for small family groups to come and visit and volunteer their time.  We still have many things to get ready for, cabins needed to be cleaned, leaves that need to be raked, and things needing to be organized.  

And we still have God’s amazing natural beauty all around us here.   Camp Greenwood has been eerily quiet as it still is sleeping.  The animal life has been becoming more comfortable coming right up in the activity field to say hello with this lack of activity.  Come and witness God’s phenomenal creations, enjoy the fresh air, and volunteer your time.

If you and your family are interested in scheduling a day to volunteer between May 9th and May 31st please send an email to or give us a call at 616.754.7258.  I look forward eagerly to hearing from you.

2018 Workday.

As Always,

Camp Greenwood Forever!

Jake (from state farm) Dayringer
Camp Greenwood Director

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