Tales of Camp Greenwood March 2019

Hello Friends and Family of Camp Greenwood,

It’s been awhile since the last Tales from Camp Greenwood, and I am excited to get back into the swing of writing them.   Many great things have been happening in 2019: staff are being hired, campers are getting registered, and the GMA Capital Campaign has begun.  Because of the result of the Dec 4th vote, The Presbytery has offered to lease the majority of Camp Greenwood land to GMA with the option to purchase it after three years and the board has put together a campaign to raise funds.

2018 8 Day Camp Funny Photo

Yet at the same time we are deep in planning for our 2019 summer camp season.  We have hired several staff members, but still need some summer staff positions filled and if you know anyone who would be a great asset to the staff this summer, they can apply here.  We are always excited to share the joy and love of Jesus Christ with more campers, so if you know someone who needs to experience this please have them register for camp here.

In preparation for my role this summer, I attended a conference in Ohio.  It was amazing to be surrounded by other camp professionals learning and growing.  It helped me to better myself, which in turn will help better the camp experience for our campers and staff.  Activities ranged from taking a guided walk (blindfolded) through the forest to find a single tree in order to really see and understand nature, to learning new songs and singing them with the other 150 participants of the conference.  To be honest it was rather interesting to be on the other side of the coin, as they ran the conference as if we were the campers and those leading sessions were counselors. It gave me a new perspective and I believe it has helped me understand more about the camper experience, which will help me connect more with our campers.  I am excited to bring many of the skills, team building exercises, and activities back to our staff to use with our campers.

2018 May Work Weekend (It Rained, but we are going to rake these leaves!)

If you would like to help the camp prepare, we are planning our annual work weekends for April 27th and May 18th.  We will have jobs – from sorting the arts and crafts closest to preparing the Health Lodge to raking/blowing the leaves.  We would love to have you join us! For more information, please click here.

A big thank to all our donors, volunteers, and those who pray for us continuously.  Without all of you, we could not continue the work we are doing to spread God’s never-ending love.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that, because of what you have done, you have blessed each camper, renter, and staff member who enters our property.

As Always,  Camp Greenwood Forever!

Jake Dayringer

Camp Greenwood Director



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